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About Monicahotts

About Monicahotts

Born in Guadalajara, MX and moved to the United States (Michigan) in 1980-81, Carla Early AKA ‘Monica Hotts’ is a disciple of Avant Guarde electronica. It’s quite obvious as you listen to her material that it’s definitely not to be pigeon holed into a contemporary music box. There is no contrived formula. This is emotion. This is Monica Hotts as she truly is, walking the path of the brave. She is unique. She is a Maverick.

‘The kids are Aghast’ is a laid-back track smothered in melancholy through its glitchy arrangements. Synths sounds and syncopated bleeps are the common denominator throughout her work. With a tasty element of Post Punk philosophy in her music too which can be heard to educated ears. Minimal to the point of the bare bones of music, it strangely grabs your attention with its simplicity and lack of ego. The tracks are a combination of ‘tech step’ ‘house sounds”’along with blues, blue grass, big band etc.

“I consider my compositions to be a work of art in an audible form. Hence I give my songs titles as if they were movies or paintings, stories… Electronic Instrumental Communication to soothe your ears and vibes to nod your head to”

She adds “It is the first of 80 tracks which will be released through the next two years.There is a lot more where that came from.
I have performed at Colleges but I am looking to expand and change my performances,sort of what Laurie Anderson did.”

What more is there to say? Except I can assure you, you’ve most definitely never heard music like this before. A sure fire attention grabber that stands apart from the crowd, in its own dimension. In its own Space and Time.


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